Pssst: That's Ryan on the far left!


We take inspiration from our namesake.

Barns are a perfect balance of form and function, and we hold our designs to this same standard. The act of raising a barn is wholly dependent on teamwork and trust. These are qualities Red Barn fosters within our team and qualities that we look for in our partners. Barns are often repurposed over time to accommodate changing needs. Likewise, we incorporate design for modern living into existing buildings or traditional forms. 


That red barn now serves as "Red Barn HQ." Stop our offices by to get a sense of our design aesthetic and meet the team. Meetings are held at our farmhouse table, or at a location that's most convenient for you. We consider it a privilege to be invited into our clients’ lives and homes.

While our work environment is intentionally informal, we take our practice very seriously. We believe in collaborative design, beautiful spaces, and superior customer service.


Architectural Design in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Our clients range from individuals looking to improve the ways their homes function to commercial developers and small business owners. Red Barn offers architectural and interior design services, complete builder’s packages and construction administration.

Red Barn's thorough understanding of the technical aspects of construction saves clients time and money. Our depth of experience arms us with the tools to meet and exceed client expectations while finding creative solutions to the unique challenges that come with every project.

It began with a neglected red barn.

It had many lives by the time it came under our

care, ranging from a 19th century hand tub

house to a cabinetmaker's shop.

We saw a
 Studio, a Business and a Philosophy.